1. How many people do YOU know that use
    Electricity or Natural Gas???
2. How many of those people do you think would
    like to pay less for their Energy, or maybe even
    get it for FREE?
3. How would YOU like to earn "Residual Income" and 
    potentionally thousands of dollars in bonuses just by 
    referring people to that program???

John & Jennifer Politi
Senior Consultants
Carmel, NY


This is an informational Website for all of my Current,
and Future, Consultants and/or Customers. This page has all the
info you need to make an informed business decision about joining 
Ambit Energy, and to aid in YOUR success with
the fastest growing
team in Ambit Energy-The EC Factory!!
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*Ranked the #1 Fastest Growing Private Co.in 2010 by I.N.C. Magazine
*Reached a Billion Dollars in Annual Revenue in under 7 Yrs
*Fastest MLM Company EVER to reach a One-Billion in Revenue
*Over 1.5 Million Customers in parts of 15 states and Wash.DC
*An A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
*Wall St. Journal: Ambit is the Largest Direct Seller of Energy in the World
*Ranked #12th on the DSN Global 100
*2013 JD Power ranked Ambit Energy #1 in NY and #2 in Conn.
*2014-JD Power Ranked Ambit Energy #1 in 3 States-CT,Penn,& NJ
                 AND WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED!!!


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